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Gift Certificates

A few years ago, I realized that trying find just the right gift for friends and family for a variety of gift-worthy occasions was fairly stressful and unsatisfying. With a few exceptions, buying MORE STUFF for for them no longer felt like the right thing. I would much rather spend quality time with them, do something helpful or indulgent for them or with them, or help to facilitate them having a great experience.

In this spirit, I often find a licensed massage therapist in their area and buy the person a gift certificate for a massage, to be redeemed by the recipient when he or she likes. (If you are searching for a licensed massage therapist elsewhere, I suggest using my professional organization's massage therapist locator to locate one in their area who is reputable and may also have a website you can easily access to learn more about their practice.) It seems to be a big hit: those who already love getting massages regularly are delighted, those who may enjoy massage but rarely prioritize them or can't easily afford them are thrilled, and those who have never had one may finally try one out when the therapist is already chosen and the session already paid for.

In this spirit, I offer gift certificates, available for purchase via phone, email, or in person at my studio.(You might even want to buy one for yourself, so you already have a pre-paid massage waiting whenever you need it.

60-minute session: $75

75-minute session: $95

90-minute session: $110

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