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After wrenching my always-weak low back, I sought relief in the form of massage. I contacted Marlys on recommendation from a friend. The entire experience was healing. Her clinic is welcoming and comfortable, I felt immediately at ease and in the hands of a professional.

After a brief discussion of my situation, Marlys had me on the massage table and went to work on my aching body. I am normally tender and expected to have to tell her repeatedly that I was hurting. But it was not that way at all. Along with her amazing massage-craft, Marlys immediately picked up on my hot spots and adjusted her technique.

As a result, I left that day feeling like a new person. I did not expect the more-or-less chronic pain and weakness in my low back to be cured in one massage, still I was surprised and delighted to get so much immediate relief. Not only did I get relief from the wrench in my back, but I felt an overall inner physical balance.

I went back for a second visit one week later, not because I was hurting again, but because I deserve to feel good, and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend not only that we seek massage as part of regular health care but that we seek it from Marlys' healing hands!

                               --Bee, Alpine

As a long-time, old marathon runner, I have had massages for many years. I moved permanently to Fort Davis a year ago and saw an advertisement for Marlys Hersey and made an appointment. I never dreamed I would be so lucky to find such an awesome person.

I have had trouble with plantar fasciitis for years and when it starts acting up, her techniques will calm them down. A neck problem has all but disappeared. I have had many other nagging injuries that she most competently helps me recover.

She is different from many…she listens to you! She wants to know areas I would like to focus and seems to reflect my mood of talking or not.

I feel most blessed to have found her, her compassion, and marvelous hands!

                                  --Sherill, Fort Davis

 "Good hands" is how I characterize a massage therapist like Marlys. Five minutes into my first session with her, I already knew she was going to be my regular therapist in this part of the world. Whether she's working on a specific problem or simply doing a routine toning/relaxation massage, Marlys brings something unique to each session; no two are exactly the same. I highly recommend her.

                                -- Jim, Fort Davis

I suffer from chronic pain and have been searching these past few years for a massage therapist that would be able to help me. My search ended when I found Marlys Hersey. She is sensitive to my needs and has provided me with excellent massage therapy and best of all, pain relief. I highly recommend her.  

                                -- Karen, Alpine

I had my first session with Marlys when my one-month-old baby's colic was at its peak, so I was a ragged mess of raw nerves and cell-deep exhaustion. I pictured myself as one of those furrowed-browed Blockheads from Gumby. Marlys was an alchemist. Her touch was empathetic, a perfect balance of strength and gentleness, and her hands worked with dance-like cadence and grace. After her massage I felt completely transported and transformed. Like I'd emerged from her studio a blissed-out, smiling Gumby. I remember thinking, "Wow, this gal is *gifted*." 

                               -- Megan, Alpine 

I’m not certain why, but I usually wait until I’m really hurting to make a massage appointment. Marlys is excellent at truly listening to what is going on in my body and asking pertinent, perceptive questions. She is also very good at “touching base” with me throughout the massage to ask about sensations I may be feeling, and whether the pressure she is using is appropriate. Because I am usually in crisis mode when I see Marlys, I am always amazed at how much better I feel after a session--maybe not the moment I step off the table, but within 24 hours, I feel 90 to 95% better. It almost feels like magic! Marlys is a caring, empathetic professional. I appreciate her genuine concern for my health and well-being. I also value her willingness to visit with me if I feel like chatting and to leave me in silence and the healing rhythm of my own breath if that is my preference. I recommend Marlys Hersey to anyone looking for a relaxing, therapeutic massage experience.

                                 -- Pamela, Alpine

A massage from Marlys is such a relaxing delight. She fits the massage to your needs…whether it is energy work on an injury or an overall massage for stress reduction. All of this awaits in a comfortable setting and professional atmosphere.

                                 -- Crystal, Terlingua

 I have enjoyed massage therapy from Marlys for over a year. She always tunes in before the massage by asking about what's going on with me. Then she assures I am comfortable with the room and table temperatures, the areas she is working on my body, and the pressures she is using. The fragrant oils, music and soft nature sounds enhance relaxation and peaceful feelings as she patiently and thoroughly works out my knots, kinks and tight muscles. Invariably I float out of her studio with sensations of bliss and contentment, and a pain-free body.

                                -- P.T., Alpine





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